AnalyzER Download

The AnalyzER package replaces the original ER Network package with increased functionality. It now handles multiple channels, persistency analysis, optical flow measurement of velocities, texture-based analysis of cisternal sub-structure, cisternal protein distributions, as well as several more morphological metrics for tubules, cisternae, and the intervening polygonal regions.

Minimum system requirements: Windows 64-bit, 8Gb RAM, 1600×900 screen resolution. The program is contained in a zip file. Download the program and unpack in a suitable temporary folder. Rename the *.mdf file to *.exe (required as WordPress does not allow *.exe files) and double click to start the installation process. You can also download a tutorial with a set of test images and associated parameter files. These have to be placed in a folder where you have write access, as the program will look for specific sub-directories to store the results. Full installation requires an internet connection to download and install the appropriate MatLab Runtime Library (currently 2017a) from the MathWorks website. Be aware this is about 800MB in size! once the MatLab runtime library is installed, the program itself will be unpacked and installed.

Alternatively the MatLab app can be installed directly from within Matlab, by unzipping and double clicking the appinstall file.

In the latest release, we also include a MatLab app to help with the statistical analysis from multiple images. This is still work in progress, but allows you to import all the data from the results spreadsheets and run MANOVA and ANOVA analyses for selected metrics.

26th February 2019

AnalyzER v1.1

(zip, 69 MB)

Manual v1.1 

(pdf, 40 MB)

 AnalyzER app v1.1

(zip, 33MB)

Statistics app

(209 kB)

Statistics manual

(2.2 MB)


(25 MB)

23rd July 2018

AnalyzER v1.0

(zip, 65 MB)


(pdf, 31 MB)

 Matlab app

(zip, 33MB)

18th August 2016

Version 1.0

(zip, 11 MB)


(pdf, 2.5 MB)

 Matlab app

(zip, 1MB)

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