Physarum Network Analysis Download

Minimum system requirements: Windows 64-bit, 8Gb RAM, 1600×900 screen resolution. The program and test images are contained in a zip file. Download the program and unpack in a suitable temporary folder. Rename the Physarum_network.mdf file to Physarum_network_1-1.exe and click to start the installation process. Full installation requires an internet connection to download and install the appropriate MatLab Runtime Library (currently 2017a) from the MathWorks website. Be aware this is about 800MB in size! once the MatLab library is installed, the program itself will be unpacked and installed. A demo data set is included in the zip file. Copy the demo folder (and sub-folders) to a suitable location, run the physarum network program and navigate to the demo folder. Load the demo file, and click on ‘Process all’. Hopefully the program will run through a complete analysis of the demo image.

14th Oct 2017 Version 1.1 (zip, 53 MB). This version corrects a bug during installation (thanks to Nirosha Murugan for finding this) Manual (pdf, 20.3 MB) Matlab app (zip, 3.2 MB) Test images (45 MB)
9th May 2017 Version 1.0 (zip, 23 MB) Manual (pdf, 20.3 MB) Matlab app (zip, 3.2 MB) Test images (45 MB)